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Let Us Fight For Your Children or Grandchildren from Child Protective Services

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) is set up to receive reports from anyone in the community on cases of child abuse and child neglect.

Certain professionals, such as doctors, social workers and members of the clergy are even required by Texas law to make a report any time that evidence of abuse surfaces.

The agency will dispatch an investigator to your home in order to determine whether the report is founded upon fact and to take action to protect your child if necessary.

What Does CPS Look for in a Home Visit Texas?

CPS in Texas looks in the home for food, appropriate sleeping conditions, and plenty of clothes. However, they’re also looking for signs of health problems, drugs, weapons, and anything used against you, possibly. Letting CPS roam around your home is up to you.

When you find the stability of your family threatened by rumors of child abuse, you need the representation of a knowledgeable Houston child abuse attorney to help you prevent state intervention in your parenting or grandparenting.

The Texas Family Code lists several actions and omissions that will be looked upon as abuse.

These include:

  • Causing or permitting Injuries to the mental or emotional health of the child which clearly impairs the child’s growth, development or psychological functioning
  • Causing or allowing a physical injury that substantially harms the child, as well as placing the child in danger of such injury
  • Sexual abuse or failure to make reasonable attempts to prevent sexual abuse
  • Use of a controlled substance in a manner that could harm the child physically, mentally or emotionally

A Texas courthouse will take any evidence of child abuse seriously, and you will need to be prepared to effectively defend the case and disprove all allegations.

Otherwise, your child will be removed to a foster family or placed up for adoption.

Child Abuse Attorneys in Houston Area

CPS agents are dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of children in our community, but they sometimes make mistakes in investigation or act prematurely to remove children from the home.

It can be difficult to turn things around once the agency has started on a course of action, but I will fight on your behalf to get your child back from CPS.

Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law has earned a reputation in Houston for successfully challenging CPS actions, and our legal actions may even result in a sanction in your favor.

Contact our child abuse lawyer from our law firm when allegations of child abuse threaten to tear your family apart. We offer representation for parents and grandparents dealing with TDFPS matters throughout Houston, Texas!

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