Representation for Grandparents in Houston

Protecting Your Rights to Custody

If your grandchildren were recently removed from their parents by Child Protective Services (CPS), you may be hoping to secure custody, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Whatever the reason for the removal, it is not always a sure thing that the courts will immediately award custody to the grandparents. The first step in protecting your rights is retaining an experienced CPS attorney.

Our firm has long been representing Houston residents with aggressive and reputable defense tactics. Unlike many other attorneys, we are uniquely familiar with CPS laws and procedures in Texas. Together, we are prepared to combine our vast knowledge with over 100 years of collective experience to fight for the outcome you and your grandchildren need.

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What are my options when pursuing custody?

Many times when CPS removes a child from parental custody, they require parents to sign a Child Safety and Evaluation Plan detailing the reasons for the removal. This can enable you as the grandparent to seek custody and avoid having your grandchild placed in the foster system.

In your attempt to get custody, there are two common avenues you can pursue:

  • Avoid filing suit: If you and your children are on good terms, you can refrain from filing your own lawsuit and instead seek temporary custody. This will enable you to keep your grandchildren out of foster care and testify in favor of their parents later on in court.
  • File a lawsuit: Choosing to file a lawsuit signifies that you do not want your grandchildren to go back with their parents when the case is resolved. You can file a lawsuit, called an intervention, to obtain legal custody.

Get a Houston Child Protective Services Lawyer on Your Side

CPS cases are notoriously difficult, particularly when you go without legal representation. As your attorneys, we can ensure you get a voice in the matter and will work tirelessly to uphold your rights. When the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) gets involved, you should avoid taking any risks with the outcome of your case.

If you have questions about parental child safety placement or are in need of representation as you pursue custody, get in touch with Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law right away.