CPS Adoption Representation in Houston

Have your children been placed up for adoption by CPS?

After your children have been taken from you by an agent of the Texas Departnemt of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS), the agency will attempt to get you to comply with its demands.

When the division believes that there are conditions that cannot be resolved, or if you refuse to comply with their requirements, they will typically suggest to the court that a CPS parental rights termination is suitable for the situation. If the judge grants the request and terminates your legal rights as a parent, your children will next be placed for adoption by another set of parents.

It is vital for you to get started on a strategy to prevent this outcome as early as possible, and the first step is to speak with an experienced Houston child protective services lawyer from our firm who can educate you about your rights as a parent or grandparent.

Your attorney will examine the evidence against you to determine the best way to challenge the accusations of child abuse and child neglect that led to this situation. Each case is unique and requires careful preparation, but by acting fast your chances of successfully blocking the adoption of your children and regaining your parental rights will be greatly improved.

How to Get Children Back from CPS

Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law has successfully defended many parents and grandparents in your situation from losing their children to adoption, and we are available to help you at all hours. We know from experience that an emergency can threaten your family at any time. Our team will fight on your behalf, not only to restore your children to your custody, but to get a sanction against the agency that has caused your family so much distress.

Contact a Houston child protective services lawyer from our firm who can help you explore your legal options when your children or grandchildren have been placed up for adoption by the TDFPS. If this is an emergency situation, make sure to indicated it as so in your case evaluation form!